World's First Oat-Milk Ice Crème Shoppe · Ordering for Cookies, Cakes & Brûléesants™ Now Available


I've been waiting for this, when can I get some?
 Our first shoppe was located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at North 3rd St. Market.
We have since grown and have opened our own store-front in Manhattan. We will be opening our next location in Los Angeles (West Hollywood) in 2023.
Our signature oat-milk soft-serve cones are only available for in-store purchase. 
Due to the popularity of our soft-serve, we have released Oate™ * - a hard scoop line made from oat-milk and it is truly Ice Crème At Its Finest™. 
*Available for nationwide shipping
Where are you located?
95 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002 
Currently available for LA Private Events. 
LA Storefront almost here!
What are your hours?
TUE: 12PM to 8PM
WED: 12PM to 8PM
THUR: 12PM to 8PM
FRI: 12PM to 10PM
SAT: 12PM to 10PM
SUN: 12PM to 10PM

(Please check Google & Yelp for the most up-to-date hours)

What is the base of your soft-serve made from?
We are the first to open a shoppe that solely features oat-milk based

delicious and creamy soft-serve!

What products do you sell?

Cookies, Brûléesants™ (Brûléed Croissants), Soft Serve, Hard Ice Crème, Truffles, Tartès and Cakes.

How can I get more information?
Follow us on social media for more updates.